About us

We are a biotechnology company that was born with the vocation of being something more than a benchmark in the integration of hemp as a high-performance plant species and in the valorization of its industrial uses.


The founding pact of Castilla Bio Lab® is based on a firm commitment to the development of the rural world and the creation of agricultural solutions with high added value that offer greater profitability to farmers, encourage the creation of small processing industries and contribute to the fixation of the population to the territory.

And it is that helping to “take roots” is our reason for being.

For this, at our operational headquarters in Palencia, we have developed an ambitious experimental cultivation field where we test the edaphoclimatic adaptation of the cannabis sativa L. phenotypes included in the European catalog of authorized horticultural species, as well as their optimal nutrition, branching and pruning or its resistance to pests. We have also assembled a highly specialized human team around our micropropagation laboratory, in which we test the optimization of in vitro reproduction protocols for hemp, the genetic improvement of varieties and new ways of integrating the raw material in the production processes of big industry.

All this with the aim of being able to offer stable alternatives with high economic performance to farmers and processors in our environment. And it is that, it is not only what we do or the specialization of our technical staff, in Castilla Bio Lab®, above all, we are our values.

Integradora AGRARIA

We offer our professional experience accompanied by an excellent network of external services to design integral solutions that cover the most demanding needs of this flourishing industry, always hand in hand with the best.