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Cattle Beds

The appearance of uses that generate market niches capable of generating an economic activity in the use of the by-products of hemp cultivation that will mean greater efficiency and therefore higher economic returns for producers.

The main use of the remains of cereal straw has traditionally been that of beds for livestock, both those destined later for human consumption, as well as other animals whose breeding is carried out for other purposes. For example horses for recreational use. This differentiation is important and our objective for this project is in this second type of livestock, not oriented to human consumption, with much stricter regulations. Currently, our Castilla Bio Lab research team is developing a study on the impact of beds with by-products from the cultivation of industrial hemp (C. sativa) on the welfare of horses with behavioral problems, through non-psychotropic cannabinoids (CBD) in pruning residues and stems.

Currently, studies on the different therapeutic applications of hemp in animals remain very limited. Even more so, when we talk about animals other than those used in the laboratory. The outlook is even poorer when we talk about the benefits it could provide in equines. The studies that could be found are hardly ongoing and most of them are carried out in the United States. With this in mind, the research contribution is more than important and constitutes a field not only interesting and valuable, but also profitable. pruning residues and stems.

Canna Beauty Dog ́s

Castilla Bio Lab and our research team, made up of three Veterinarians, is currently developing the Canna Beauty Dog’s product that encompasses two lines of veterinary products based on whole plant hemp oil and fatty acids. One is Canna Beauty Dermocosmético with different products within the line and the other is Canna Beauty Nutraceutical. The two lines take full advantage of the therapeutic potential of hemp oil, cannabidiol or other components of the whole plant together with the ingredients added to each product.

Canna Beauty Dog´s Dermocosmetic:

Hemp has multiple benefits for the skin and coat. It is one of the most used plants in natural cosmetics. Hemp oil has been shown to treat and prevent skin problems in dogs ranging from acne, dry nose, eczema, psoriasis, and allergies. Hemp oil contains fatty acids, phospholipids, and antioxidants that act powerfully on mammalian metabolism. By increasing the levels of essential fatty acids in the skin, hemp oil soothes itchy and dry skin, promotes overall skin health, and reduces the likelihood of developing long-term skin disorders.

Compounds found in oil of hemp that best support the health of the dog’s skin are:

Hemp oil stands out for its ease of absorption and penetration, which is why it improves blood circulation and the lymphatic system, the effects on these systems reduce the dryness of the skin, nourish it and improve the action within the hair complex. It thus improves skin problems and / or disorders such as eczema, atopic dermatitis, pruriginosis, allergies, among others. It provides the hair with hydration, shine and resistance, rebuilds damaged hair and allows it to have more elasticity and softness, thanks to the content of the vitamin E complex. It oxygenates the skin cell, making the animal’s hair more resistant .

The Canna Beauty Dog’s Dermocosmetic has different presentations such as, for example, shampoo for treatment or aesthetics, moisturizing bar for pads and nose, and Emergency Gel or spray for localized treatment on the skin. The ingredients used in each of the products have been evaluated by our researchers so that both the effect and the absorption are optimal.

Canna Beauty Dog´s Nutraceutical